Will the iPhone be the first MID device?

We’ve learned that the iPhone platform will be of the same ilk as the Macintosh and AppleTV platforms and indeed most of the computer world – the venerable Intel x86 platform. 

Sources confirmed today that the iPhone paperwork contains references to the Intel McCaslin processor running at 667mhz. It went on to confirm that later versions of the phone will use a faster/more efficient version of the chip dubbed “Menlow” in time for its European and subsequent 3G incarnation.  Obviously in 2008, in time for its Asian debut, it would be a prime candidate for Silverthorne.

There was also speculation that there were other devices coming out from Apple that would follow along in this chipset path.  Perhaps tablets?

It makes sense that Apple would tie its range of software to one development platform and furthermore, use Intel’s chipset to do so as most of the other Mobile Internet Devices (MID’s).. that have been announced are doing.

For example HTC announced its Shift device, which will run Vista will ship with an Intel chip instead of its previously announced VIA chip.  Additionally, over the past few weeks, a few other devices out of Asia have been announced with this platform including Sony’s UX-90 line.  The iPhone however will be the only one not resembling an oversized Sidekick!

 It had previously been speculated that the iPhone would use chips from former Intel division ARM or Samsung or even Taiwanese manufacturer VIA.

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