OK, we know we can’t get over it.  Yes, the numbers from Net Applications.  It is truly amazing (and hard to comprehend!) that in 5 short months, the iPhone not only matched, but opened up a huge lead on Microsoft, Symbian and Palm COMBINED.  These are platforms that have been around for up to a decade…when the net was first catching on in the mobile space.

Then Apple releases their little device and it’s all over.  The Wall Street Journal hypothesizes why:

Companies have been making mobile devices that run Windows since 1996, according to Computer World [ed – it is Computerworld!!! – everything has gone to pot since Rupert moved in], and three million of the devices were shipped in the first quarter of 2007 alone, according to research company Gartner. Here’s some more perspective: There are approximately 1.25 billion Internet users worldwide. IPhone owners are the first people with a mobile phone to view Web pages at the same rate at people using a PC.

It’s obvious that people have a need for Web access even when they aren’t at their desks or at home or wherever else they have a PC. We think that businesses could make their employees more productive by making sure that the mobile devices they give them have a full-fledged browser. We’re not saying companies should go out and buy everyone an iPhone – although if you do we’d love to hear about it. But presumably, it’s just a matter of time until an iPhone-like browser is a standard feature on mobile devices.


Yes, it is the browser.  It is like a PC.  IF you don’t own one, you don’t understand.  Mobile Safari has changed everything.  Good thing we called it back in May.

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