iTunes may be the number one US music retailer, but Amazon boss Jeff Bezos thinks he has the Apple service beat in terms of album sales.

Bezos talked business with Fortune this week, it’s a wide-ranging chat that covers many of the bases of the giant online retailers international operations and his near-death experience during a fated helicopter ride. And includes the Amazon boss’ claim that his MP3 service outsells Apple, at least when it comes to album sales, at least proportionally.

An Amazon spokesman explains: "One exec I know at a big label, who asked to remain anonymous, says he’s excited by one trend in particular: At Apple”s iTunes store, two thirds of the music sold is single tracks and one third is albums. But at Amazon, two thirds of the music sold is albums and one third is tracks." 

The Amazon boss is otherwise reluctant to talk about Apple, but with recent data revealing just 10 per cent of Amazon’s MP3 customers are former iTunes users, and with the company reportedly selling a fraction of the quantity of music sold by Apple’s service, the proportional difference may mean very little in terms of sales numbers and revenue.

That Apple seems on track to seize 28 per cent of the global music market by 2012 was also recently indicated by In-Stat Research.

Take a look at the Fortune interview here.


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