A report claims Apple’s Swiss iPhone partner has set its usage tariffs – and perhaps also confirmed the new iPhone will be available in silver, black and white – but also said it is only reporting speculation.

Swisscom will be one of the first carriers of the 3G iPhone, the report claims. The source apparantly reveals the 16GB will cost 659 Swiss Francs, while a 32GB model will cost 799 Swiss Francs, according to a local Swiss report.

The 16 GB model “will only be delivered in silver, while the 32 GB in silver, black and white type,” claims a rough Google Translation of the page.

Instead of offering a fixed rate tariff with bundled call times, the network will charge iPhone users 40 Swiss Francs per month, in addition, users will pat 45 centimes per hour of use when calling other Swisscom mobiles or fixed lines; while calls to other mobile networks will set the Swiss back 45 centimes per minute. SMS messages will cost 20 centimes each, while data transfers will cost 50 centimes per megabyte.

The report notes the device will be available for purchase at all 118 Swisscome shops, and Apple’s in-development own-brand retail stores in Zurich and Geneva. The next-gen iPhone will ship in June, the report claims.

Naturally, we can’t underwrite the veracity of the report, but it’s worthy information for the rumour-mill.


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