Apple’s searching for a Product Design Engineer for the iPhone – and the ad suggests GPS support’s just around the corner for the device.

That’s logical, as we already know the latest iPhone Software 2.0 pre-release build offers location-aware services that let you tag images with your location as you take images, if you like. And while the Skyhook system’s impressively effective, it’s no great leap to think GPS is on the road-map.

Apple’s recruitment advertisment says: “As a member of a cross-functional design team at Apple, you will help to create the next generation of the world’s finest handheld devices. You will conceive, design, and bring into production products that will re-define the music experience. You will work closely with many different cross functional teams including Industrial Design, Packaging, Safety, Hardware Engineering, EMC, and Marketing.”

The applicant needs the highest qualifications and extensive experience, along with 3D CAD design skills, handheld/portable device experience, and must be able to integrate wireless antenna into the product. “Integration of wireless antenna (GSM, GPS, Wifi) into mechanical enclosures a big plus,” the ad declares.

Oh yes, it’s also helpful if the applicant possesses Mandarin or Japanese language skills. And be prepared to travel. Still – at least this product designer will know where they are as they test those GPS-enabled ‘Phones.



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