It is starting to get slightly sad.  Microsoft is releasing emails to developers asking them not to jump ship.  Blackberry and now Samsung are releasing iPhone clones.  Samsung’s looks "bricky" with the type of screen you’d be happy with in 2006.

Oh, and this bad boy runs Windows Mobile 6.  Sure, you can install Opera Mini and have an "OK" browsing experience.  However, you are still stuck with the clunkieness of the WM6 interface and instability of the overall OS.

According to photographs released with a statement from Samsung, the Omnia resembles the original iPhone in its dark, shiny finish, curved edges and slim form.

The phone will be unveiled at the CommunicAsia trade fair in Singapore starting June 17 and go on sale in southeast Asia that week. It will be available in Europe in July.

All of this reminds us of when the Coyote pulls out the umbrella to shield himself from the fast approaching boulder.

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