ARM is saying that an A8-Cortex based processor is likely to be used in upcoming NetBooks…soon.  iPhones, as we know, use an ARM-based Samsung S3C6400.  Next generation iPhones and iPod touches will likely be good candidates for the A8-Cortex architected processors as it is logically the next step up from the current designs.  The iPhone has used the current processor for over 15 months through both iterations.

Although many other handset makers use the ARM architecture and there are many possible companies building this type of device, Apple would certainly be a great candidate for expanding its ARM presence….especially since it acquired PA Semi, whose work with ARM processors are the reason they were acquired by Apple.  Apple is also rumored to be a recent ARM licensee.

Intel, ARM’s biggest competitor and also an ARM licensee, last week attacked the iPhone architecture and the "slow browser". 

Apple is rumored to be testing a device somewhere between an iPhone and a MacBook.  Oh, and Stevo dropped a few netbook-related hints at the last earnings call.

You see where we are going with this, right?  Right?

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