New iPhone on the way (Updated)

Update: Pinchmedia has some more info

MacRumors happened upon some code in the new SDK which seems to reveal that a new iPhone is coming in June.  While this news isn’t really unexpected, it is the first signs we are seeing that the iPhones are going to be upgraded (what? you thought Apple was going to discontinue them?). 

On a separate note, they also got a screengrab from a web hits vendor which shows that someone with one of these new iPhones has been browsing the web – or that someone has been spoofing for fun and profit.  No word yet on whether this person was looking for weight gaining supplements.

They go on to speculate that the new iPhone will have multiple core chips with multi core graphics.  While we can’t speak for the graphics chips, we don’t expect multi-core CPUs to enter the handset market this year. 

The news is similar to the December news that new Mac Mini and iMac graphics drivers were found in the most recent versions of Leopard.   While we know there are going to be updates, we just like to see evidence of it.

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