A new app just hit the App Store that brings some pretty interesting funtionality to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.  Airphones (iTunes link) takes any sound that would be coming out of your computer and streams it to your iPhone or iPod touch and let’s you hear the sound through the built in speakers or headset.   That is as long as you are on the same wifi network.

Easy and simple, right?  It seems to get good ratings from overall happy customers.  We like.  Anyone want to report back on how well it works?

From the developer:

is the next-generation solution to wireless headphones.  Now use your iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to any audio from your computer via Wi-Fi.   Experience DVD’s, desktop TV, web videos & radio, audio books, shared iTunes playlists and podcasts; from across the room, throughout the office or around the house.

Via Wired

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