Content providers are moving their content directly to the iPhone these days, bypassing iTunes and the other "middlemen".  The latest but certainly not the last to do this sort of thing is CBS Interactive with their aptly named application.  Right now the content is a little thin(selected full episodes from the CSI series, NCIS, Berverly Hills 90210, Star Trek: The Original Series, and MacGyver), but it isn’t hard to see all of CBS’s content ending up available on the iPhone. 

The free app is availalbe in the App Store for both iPhone and iPod touch.

From the developer:


The application allows you to search and access millions of videos no matter where you go.

It’s personalized TV, brought right to your iPhone and it works across Wi-Fi and 3G Networks – all for free!

Your use is subject to Terms of Use, Mobile User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See link below.

* Browse through our vast list of featured shows or view by channel
* Catch FULL EPISODES of your favorite shows from CBS
* Add keywords to create your own “feed” – a custom list of videos based on your favorite shows, channels or topics
* Start typing a search from anywhere in the app and instantly see search results
* Get video updates on sports, news, entertainment and more
* Let CNET’s experts show you the latest gadgets and technology products
* Save shortcuts to your favorite videos to watch anytime
* Shake-to-shuffle and get a video selected at random

Note: for highest quality videos use on Wi-Fi

Users with limited network connectivity may experience difficulty loading application pages or videos.

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