iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3

iPhone and iPod OS 3 Beta 3 has hit the Apple Developer Website.  We are installing now and will report back shortly.  Initial reports indicate random acts of snappieness™.  But will it break our tethering and 3G Skype?  Stay tuned to find out.

Update: 3.03 BREAKS SKYPE OVER 3G :(  Do not upgrade if you use/enjoy Skype over 3G.  Apple, why?!?! (we know it is AT&T)

Tethering still works however.

Build Number: 7A280f
Reported Changes:
– MMS works with modified carrier bundle on German T-Mobile network.
– Spotlight now saves the last search.
– Speed improvements.
– Option for iPods that let you change what your double tap home button is.
– You can change spotlight to search for what you want to search for ex everything but applications.
– iPod icon is aligned.
– Restrictions now add In-App Purchases and Location.



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