As Engadget notes, Navigon has released North American (1.12 GB iTunes link) to go with its European version of its Turn-By-Turn GPS navigation software.  The software is one of the first of its kind (with G-Maps  and Sygic Mobile maps – thanks commenters) to have a one-time charge ($70) rather than a monthly fee levied by AT&T’s software, and others. 

Readers should note that TomTom’s hardware/software solution should be available on the iPhone (and iPod touch?) by the end of summer.  Interestingly, you can also get a full, stand-alone TomTom One for $48 which makes these software only versions seem more than a little pricey (hint: wait a few months for price wars to begin).  We have to admit, however, that this one looks great.  Video below.


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