We’ve been unable to corroborate this claim which has been sent in by one of our readers (who chose to remain anonymous), and we’re warning that this should be treated with a rather large pinch of salt.

We’re pretty certain some Apple retailers read our stuff from time-to-time, so perhaps they’ll be able to shed a little light in comments.

It appears Apple’s preparing to introduce new form Apple TV, and to release (we think) new software for existing models of the device.

Our source told us: “New Apple TV SKU’s have appeared on Apple’s back of house systems.” Which means new product people.

The reader also said: “Specifically we have a European Apple TV refresh coming as well,” then speculating, “I hope they’ve tied up some BBC content. iPlayer for the Apple TV would be a win.”

OK – we’re not saying this is a factual report – it is entirely based on one reader’s claim, but we think the timing feels pretty good and it is eminently the case that Apple TV deserves a little love. So we’re optimistic. We’ll let you know if and when we learn any more.

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