This one slipped through the cracks last night but for those of you mulling a 3.0 update to your iPod touches, the already low $9.95 price just got cut in half to $4.95.  The update, which will take your Touch to 3.1, is recommended by Apple and will give your touch the added bonus of the 3.0 software.

It’s a shrewd move on the part of the company, which claims it is forced to charge for the upgrade under accounting/regulatory procedures. Recent months have seen claims that only a minority of iPod touch owners actually invest in the software patches as they emerge.

June saw a report from mobile advertising firm AdMob which suggested only 1% of iPod touch users accessing its ad network had upgraded to V.3.0 software, compared to 44% of iPhone users.

With 20 million iPod touch units sold so far, that’s an awful lot of customers who aren’t up to speed with the latest improvements in the company’s mobile OS.

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