Some disappointment greeted the announcement of the new high-capacity iPod touch, mainly because every tech pundit and every tech pundit’s brother had expected the new version to ship with its own built-in camera…now it seems pretty clear pre-launch reports claiming production problems with the new model were accurate.

Latest evidence comes from UK eTailer,, and a recent catalogue entry (now removed) which did plainly state the product carried a “built-in video recorder”.

This publicity was recently mailed to subscribers and still lists a "built-in video recorder" as a feature. Of course, clicking through reveals the iPod touch which launched with no camera.

There’s been a series of leaks confirming a video camera was originally intended in the product, from images of cases carrying camera holes to images of the product disassembly which clearly shows the devices host a place in which the video camera could be placed.

We also know through local Far East reports that Omnivision were apparently contracted to supply the image sensors for the feature. We reckon close study of their financial results versus end of last quarter projections will add even more grist to this rumour’s mill.
Obviously any delay putting these parts inside Apple’s devices could impact their projected sales in the period, after  all – Apple has sold 20 million iPod touch units so far.

Via: Engadget

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