Now equipped with built-in support for Amazon’s MP3 store as a back-up plan, Palm has once again equipped the Palm Pre with the ability to sync with iTunes, offering up WebOS 1.2.1 to achieve the same.

Release notes accompanying the new software state the release: “Resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (9.0.1)”.

We’re curious what Apple’s next move on the matter will be, particularly because Palm’s move to complain to the USB Forum over Apple’s denial of iTunes sync saw the Pre-maker castigated for the way it used Apple’s Vendor ID to enable iTunes sync.

We’re not convinced Palm CEO, Jon Rubinstein, isn’t burning a few too many bridges as he tries to attract publicity to his new device.

The update also offers a fix for problems syncing with Exchange 2007. These problems emerged in the WebOS 1.2 release. It implements better media sync, improves security and resolves some streaming media problems when using the Pre’s web browser.

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