If you thought Microsoft could make Seinfeld unfunny, wait until you see the first bit of the Family Guy that’s been created for Redmond:

(Yes, that’s just repurposed footage/jokes from a previous episode)

Speaking of repurposing, the Wall St. Journal has a piece on the Microsoft Stores and how they are really just trying to copy Apple in every sense of the word – including Microsoft’s version of the Genius Bars.

The store will also have a counter, akin to the Genius Bars in Apple stores, where people will be able to bring products powered by Microsoft software for technical help, said a person familiar with the matter.

So they are opening up their Genius Bar during the public release of Windows 7? The Windows 7 that will require starting completely over for most upgraders (XP)?  This won’t blow up as big as the Sidekick fiasco, but it won’t be smooth sailing either.

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