Apple is having a pretty solid week, and it is only Wednesday. 

The week began with Apple’s earning call which landed much higher than any analyst had hoped for. Then there was that little product refresh which was met with glowing reviews.  Probably realated to Monday’s and Tuesday’s news is Wednesday’s, which is that Apple’s stock price has reached an all-time high.  It closed today at just under 205 against a lower market and peaked at 208.71 earlier in the day.

The rise puts Apple’s market cap at $183.57 billion and as we know from the earnings call, Apple has $43 billion in cash.  The market cap is now bigger than  Google.  That cash is enough to buy Dell, at a value of $29 billion.

There now is only one bigger tech company in the world, Microsoft (who launch their next OS tomorrow), with a market cap of $236.85 billion. Many think that lead won’t last long, however, $50 billion is a lot of value to gain.

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