With at least 202 million websites worldwide powered by the blog publishing application, interest should be high in the newly-released WordPress 2 App for iPhone and iPod touch.

If you’re an existing user of WordPress 1.0 on the iPhone don’t expect the update to be downloaded automatically – it won’t happen – instead this is listed as a brand-new app, and you can have both installed on your device.

Improvements in this release include a better interface, which lets you moderate comments, edit pages and create new posts. This version also makes it easier to connect to self-hosted WordPress installs, though only on WordPress 2.7 or higher. Posts are automatically saved so they won’t be lost if you lose network connectivity.

“Our efforts were focused on creating a better user experience — the beginnings of a user interface overhaul that we’ll continue with the next version, and eliminating the bugs and incompatibilities with some self-hosted WordPress setups that was the source of the majority of the support requests we see in the forum,” the developers explain on their blog.

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