Recall last week when we learned at least one major European carrier has reached some kind of deal to offer mini video projectors to iPhone customers? Well, seems there may be more to this story than we first thought, with a Taiwanese firm involved in creating such pico projectors predicting massive growth next year – really massive growth.

In fact, according to Claude Hsu, president of Taiwan’s Young Optics, shipments of pico projectors for handsets will grow to 10-25 million units in 2012, compared to 20,000-30,000 in 2009.

Even though he says these figures are estimates that’s one heck of an expectation of a sales rise, particularly in comparison to his estimate of the size of the entire pico projector market for 2009 -170,000-180,000 units.

Hsu predicts projector shipments will climb sharply next year as “major handset vendors, such as Samsung Electronics, are expected to step up efforts for the market segment.”

We suspect these major vendors may well include a small Cupertino-based company. We’re just saying, right…

Via: DigiTimes

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