AT&T responds to Verizon ads

Today, AT&T issued a response to Verizon’s ads which have been getting a lot of attention lately.  The ads show maps of 3G service, which Verizon covers more geographic area of the US.  AT&T thinks that consumers believe that those maps are of overall geographic coverage – which AT&T actually has more of than Verizon.


AT&T is also suing Verizon over the claimed misrepresentation.  AT&T’s claim (which they never dispute the maps – but somehow call them “blatantly false and misleading”)  below:

AT&T Sets the Record Straight on Verizon Ads

To Our Customers:

As the U.S. market leader in wireless data service, we typically don’t respond to competitors’ advertising. However, some recent ads from Verizon are so blatantly false and misleading, that we want to set the record straight about AT&T’s wireless data coverage.

The key facts are:


  • AT&T’s wireless data coverage reaches 303 million people

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