This one has little to no corroboration but the Business Insider’s heard that Apple may be making another purchase.  This time, the target is a VoIP provider called iCall and the amount they’ve been hearing is $50-60 million.  

Here’s why it makes sense (even if the VoIP provider isn’t iCall):  Google is building a VoIP phone that works with Google Voice and recent purchase Gizmo5, if rumors are to be believed.  The Google phone would be free to move between networks and wouldn’t be beholden to carriers’ phone systems/voicemail, etc.  It would just need data…from Wifi, WiMAX 3G or any other source.

Apple, at some point — probably in July 2010, will need to release a “phone” that can also utilize a VoIP service to counters Google’s offer.  Unless they’re building out this internally, they’ll need to pick up some VoIP expertise.

Either that or someone wants to jack up the price of iCall.

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