Once Mr. Jobs let those undocumented binaries get through the App Store, you started to see video broadcasting apps use not just the iPhone 3GS, but also earlier models of iPhone to stream video.  If older iPhones can stream video, why can’t they just record video locally like iPhone 3GS’s can?  We’ve known since 2007 that old iPhones can record video because of the incredibly good Cycorder jailbroken app has allowed people to do so.  Apple has probably kept that functionality off of older phones to sell more 3GS models.

Now, those with older phones who don’t want to jailbreak can record video of their own with iVideoCamera, a $.99 app that essentially copies the basic functionality of the video recording on the iPhone 3GS, though at a much lower resolution and framerate (they say they are working on that).  Cycorder still blows this away (and doesn’t cost $.99)  From the developer:

The iVideoCamera lets your record a short video on any phone. Now you don’t need a 3GS to record and share videos with your friends and family. Works with any 2G or 3G phone with 3.1 OS installed and includes:

Ability to save to your camera roll or “Photos” and share via:
– FaceBook
– YouTube
– Vimeo
– Twitter and more coming soon

Now you dont need to be jealous of your 3GS friends – you can now shoot and share video and dont need to spend all that money (in these economic times)

NOTE: Requires OS 3.1 so if you dont have it upgrade now.

– The iPhone can only capture about 3 frames per second
– Videos are limited to about 1 minute in length
– Resolution is low: 160×213

You already have a video recorder!

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