As a Mifi user already, I’ve decided to forgo the 3G version of the iPad and stick with Wifi.  The reason is simple.  I already use the Mifi to connect my MacBook Pro to the Internet when I am away from home/Wifi.  Why would I get another plan when I already have 5GB of data/ month on a much better wireless carrier (and an iPhone plan with AT&T)?   If I didn’t have the Mifi, I’d be tempted to jailbreak my iPhone and use it as a Mifi.

Certainly there have to be a lot of people out there who need wireless data on the go and would rather be able to connect to two (up to five) devices?  That’s what Verizon is thinking.

Engadget shows that Verizon is going after people like me with this internal Verizon iPad positioning document.  

AT&T’s CEO is thinking people won’t want the 3G iPad. He might be right. (or not)

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