Next Media’s Chinese Language Taiwan Apple Daily today reports that New MacBook Pros are going into production this month.  The report says delays were due to short supplies of Intel’s Core iX series of laptop processors.  The new MacBooks had originally been scheduled to be released in March.  

The report also says that updated MacBook Airs will receive the Intel Core i3 series chips.

They list Quanta, Hon Hai, Hong-jun, Nikko, Chao Li as manufacturers.

Finally, the report states that new MacBook Pros will top out at 640GB Hard drives or 248GB SSDs and that battery life had been increased to eight hours. 

Apple holds its annual WWDC conference in June, which would make a great place for an introduction.

Update: There is some ambiguity as to whether the MacBook Pro will actually ship in April.  Even our Chinese readers are having a difficult time understanding the verbiage.  As near as we can tell the release will start in April but orders may not catch up to demand until June?

Word to word translation:
?new??notebook?though?than??before??expected??release??time??delay?about1??month??but4?April?start??supply?increase?quantity?[supply notebook or parts?]??????6?(Can see orders through June)

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You can’t argue with these numbers:

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