New MacBook Pros?

Store is down..

AppleInsider reports that we’ll be seeing the following updates with a high end 512GB SSD option offered:

An Australian MacTalk Forums member called Mr. X quotes these Parts:

MC371LL/A – MBP 15.4/2.4/2x2GB/320/SD/GLSY-USA
MC372LL/A – MBP 15.4/2.53/2x2GB/500/SD/GLSY-USA
MC373LL/A – MBP 15.4/2.66/2x2GB/500/SD/GLSY-USA
MC374LL/A – MBP 13.3/2.4/2x2GB/250GB/SD-USA
MC375LL/A- MBP 13.3/2.66/2x2GB/320/SD-USA
MC024LL/A – MBP 17/2.53/2x2GB/500/HR-GLSY-USA

Unsurprisingly, these match up with Microcenter’s part numbers pretty well

We also might see some International iPad prices and pre-order details.

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