It isn’t just iPad demand that Apple is falling behind on.  Apple’s other 10-hour battery device, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is also falling behind being pushed back 1-3 days where the rest of the MacBook Pro line are shipping within 24 hours.

Amazon is also carrying the MacBook Pros with the same 13-inch model delayed.  Amazon will ship the MacBooks at a 4% discount and often without sales tax.  Amazon doesn’t have shipping charges or rebate hassles either.

Here is Amazon’s Price Matrix:

13-inch MC374LL/A – $1,159.99 ($40 off)
13-inch MC375LL/A – $1,449.99 ($50 off)
15-inch MC371LL/A – $1,739.99 ($60 off)
15-inch MC372LL/A – $1,929.99 ($70 off) 
15-inch MC373LL/A – $2099.99 ($100 off)
17-inch MC024LL/A – $2199.99 ($100 off)


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