Apple seems on course to launch the iPad in China as it has gained a key approval from Chinese authorities.

Apple’s iPad has received a safety certification mark from Chinese regulators. The company has made no announcements regarding future release of the iPad in China, but given the company’s massive increase in visibility there, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

On Monday, the device was given the China Compulsory Certification by the China Quality Certification Center according to the regulator’s Web site, as reported here.

iPad isn’t ready for release in China yet. 3G models will likely need China’s Telecommunications Equipment and Certification Center to approve the device also, said Liu Liang, an analyst with the consulting group iResearch. “This has been just the first step to get it into the Chinese market,” he said.

“The iPad is a top tier device and the Apple brand has a great deal of influence among consumers,” he added.

Apple’s star in China continues to rise, Mac sales are up 73% per cent in the Asia Pacific, the company revealed during its most recent financial call. In China and Korea, Mac sales are up nearly 200%.

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