You want choice? It looks like you may soon have some when it comes to your choice of media player on an iPhone, as software dvelopers, Applidium, have submitted their own VLC app to the iTunes App Store for approval.

Sure, there is a risk Apple will deny entry to the software, which VLC hopes to make available for free. “If everything goes well, VLC for the iPad should be available next week,” the developers say.

“VLC is an OpenSource project. We are currently preparing our patches for submission to the main VLC tree. And obviously, we will release our current working tree when the app will hit the AppStore,” the developers add.

VLC (Video Lan Client) is a popular open source media player for the Mac and other platforms. One key feature is its ability to play numerous video formats, including several Apple doens’t natively suppport. Check the supported formats here.

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