Apple has just let App Store developers know that promo codes are no longer limited to U.S. iTunes users. Prior to today’s announcements users who wanted to use app promo codes would have needed to sign up with a U.S. address. This should make those promo code giveaways all the more fun.

Your promo code distribution is no longer limited to U.S. customers. Promo codes in iTunes Connect can now be redeemed by all App Store customers worldwide. Your Team Agent can request 50 codes per version of your app in iTunes Connect and your customers can redeem these codes in any App Store. To learn more about requesting promo codes in iTunes Connect, see the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

Speaking of which… Devs, how about giving us some codes (tips(at) to give away to our readers on Twitter to celebrate!  We’ll hook you up with some publicity (include your URL).  3-6 for each application should do it.

(via Mackinando)

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