FireCore has just announced an update to the Remote HD application for iOS devices on the App Store and a new application available through an Apple TV jailbreak extras menu. The two applications work together to allow you to stream video from your iPhone, video from iTunes, and video from YouTube and supported 3rd party apps to the original Apple TV. You need to install the AppleTV jailbreak we previously reported on and the Remote HD application for iOS costs $3.99. Oh, and audio streaming doesn’t work yet, just video.

Instructions from FireCore:

  1. If you don’t already have Remote HD purchase it here [iTunes link].
  2. Install Remote HD on your AppleTV through the Maintenance –> Install Extras menu.
  3. Restart your AppleTV.
  4. Connect to your AppleTV with Remote HD – the AppleTV will now be recognized in all AirPlay compatible applications.

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