From a press release today, AT&T has said they will add 2GB of data to customers tethering plans on Feb 13th because of their new hotspot offer (Android only atm-wtf?!) offers more data.  Still, if you are tetherin’ with your iPhone, and extra 2GB of data doesn’t hurt.  You know what else doesn’t hurt?  Competition from Verizon!

2 GB of data added to tethering plans: In addition, also on February 13th, to bring AT&T’s smartphone tethering plan in line with the AT&T Mobile Hotspot offer, AT&T will automatically add the additional 2GB of monthly data usage to smartphone customers already on a tethering plan – at no extra charge. Customers will incur the same $20 monthly fee they’re accustomed to paying, only now they’ll receive an extra 2GB of data each month that can be used among all devices.  (Customers will receive a text message from AT&T – as soon as February 13 – once the additional 2GB has been auto-added to their plan.)

Does that mean you can start overing your monthly allowance now?  We wouldn’t try anything funny.

AT&T also is offering phones for soldiers and new trade in programs (below)

Trade-In Service: AT&T* today announced that it is working with FlipSwap – a global leader in consumer electronics buyback programs – to bring a new trade-in service to AT&T stores nationwide. Beginning February 13, FlipSwap’s trade-in service will launch in all AT&T stores, allowing AT&T customers to turn in old wireless phones and receive an AT&T promotional card reflective of the device’s trade-in value and condition, as determined by FlipSwap. Customers can use the card to offset the cost of some of the latest wireless devices or the purchase of other AT&T products and services. All phones – regardless of manufacturer or date purchased – will be considered for trade-in.

AT&T also offers customers the option to donate old devices – or proceeds from their trade-in – to members of the military through the Cell Phones for Soldiers program (a charity started by two Massachusetts teenagers that AT&T has supported for a number of years).  Donation boxes are set up across AT&T retail locations.

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