In January, Bloomberg claimed the next-generation iPhone will include NFC (near-field-communication) technology with a “wave-to-pay” system. This last week The Indepedent shot down these claims saying that if NFC appears at all, it won’t be until 2012 alongside the sixth-generation iPhone.

Now, Elizabeth Woyke from Forbes is claiming (via SAI) that according to an Apple employee, the iPhone 5 will in fact feature NFC capabilities.

Just met with an entrepreneur who says the iPhone 5 *will* have NFC…according to his friend, who works at Apple. Huh.

At this point it’s difficult to pinpoint which rumors are true and which are false with so many differences flying around the rumor mill lately. If it means anything Elizabeth Woyke was a bit spotty on her Best Buy gives iPads to all employees post. An NFC capable iPhone also popped up in a T-Mobile presentation slide.

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