It’s becoming ridiculous at this point that Apple still hasn’t come to grips with mysterious bugs in the iOS software affecting time zones. According to BBC, some users have experienced a glitch on Monday that seems to be related to a Sunday Summer Time change in Europe when the clocks were set an hour forward.


Like a pair of similar bugs that came to light this January and during the switch to Daylight Savings Time in America, this one too had people waking up an hour early.

It’s unknown how widespread the glitch is, but it doesn’t seem to affect a large portion of users.

Other problems have been observed, too, reports BBC:

Users found their wake-up alert coming one hour late, one hour early or not at all. The problem, related to the clocks going forward for British Summer Time, does not appear to have affected everyone.

I was able to confirm this issue as my Monday dental appointment came up an hour late today. Were you late to work today or missed an appointment due to this glitch?

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