Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen isn’t sparing anyone to promote his autobiography, Idea Man. After describing his uneasy business relationship with Bill Gates that at times was on the verge of break up due to high tension, he then praised Apple’s “unbelievable” success and noted Steve Jobs’ hat trick (the iPod, iPhone and iPad).

It didn’t take him long to change his mind, however, and lash out at both Apple and Google. The Silicon Valley billionaire says Jobs is “monomaniacal” – that is, obsessed with a single subject or idea. Allen, 58, the owner of a 414-foot megayacht called Octopus, also says Google’s “don’t be evil” moto is a bunch of you-know-what, reveals a report by The Guardian which cited the original story published by The Sunday Times. Check out the Allen’s comment on Google right after the break.

Speaking of Google, here’s how Microsoft’s co-founder commented on the search giant’s corporate slogan:

I chuckle when I see people pushing the boundaries all the time of what they can do to monetise things, capture things – and then say, we’re not evil, as if their default is not to push the boundaries. If your default is to push the boundaries, to just go for it, and then see if you get pushed back, then don’t say you’re not evil.


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