Storage maker Western Digital today announced a redesign of its popular My Book Studio desktop drive family. The revamped gadget now caters to Apple fans with its brushed aluminum casing that complements your Mac desktop while keeping the drive cool. The back of the case features punched holes so engineers could ditch an internal fan, leading to quiet operation. Folks who have grown accustomed to noisy and ugly drives will certainly appreciate the pretty and silent gizmo.

Also on the back are three I/O ports: USB 2.0 and both FireWire 400 and 800 (hey Western Digital, how about a Thunderbolt interface?). In addition to one and two terabyte capacities, the My Book Studio is now available in a three terabyte storage capacity. The device comes pre-formatted for the Mac, it works with Apple’s Time Machine backup solution and ships with software for hardware encryption, password protections and automatic backup. How much, you ask…

My Book Studio is priced: $150/$200/$250 for 1TB/2TB/3TB flavors, available today from the Western Digital online store and authorized retailers. By the way, notice how adding another terabyte of storage capacity costs fifty bucks with Western Digital and a whopping $200 in the case of Apple’s device. Of course, we’ve always known Apple charges a premium on storage and RAM. The irony? Both My Book Studio and Time Capsule utilize Western Digital’s Caviar Green family of drives. It’s worth mentioning that the Greens are classed as consumer products, not server-grade.

9to5Mac has received its review unit and will be dropping its review next week.

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