Add Griffin Technology on your wish list of iPhone-controlled helicopter makers (and Parrot’s AR.Drone and Keyword Shopping’s iHelicopter, if you haven’t yet). The Helo TC, announced today, works with a free iOS app that lets you control a twin-rotor helicopter by the means of touching virtual buttons or tilting your device. Interestingly, the app talks to the helicopter using an infrared battery-powered module attachable to your iOS device’s headphone jack rather than communicate via a wireless base station in your home or office.

You can even store your best maneuvers as presets and invoke them later to amaze your boss. We can tell why these things are popular in offices, if the below over the top commercial is an indication. Three people can play at once, each on a different channel. The Helo TC costs fifty bucks and is available now from the company’s online store and the iOS app is a free download from the App Store.

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