If you are looking to get an iPhone at the low, low price of only $99, but not sure 8 GB will be enough space for you, you may want to try RadioShack. According to a new training document sent out earlier today, the black or white 16 GB version of Apple’s “iconic device” is only $99.99 with a new two-year contract. Although the document does state the offer is good on all three iPhone carriers, it is safe to assume that the 16 GB is not available on Sprint, because Apple never shipped a Sprint-compatible version of the 16 GB iPhone 4. There is also a note that the 16 GB models are scarce, which is most likely because they are just old stock, not newly shipped devices. As mentioned by a small note later in the training, the 16 GB model will not be available at all stores, so if you are thinking about going to pick one up, you may want to call the store first to make sure Radio Shack still has some in stock.

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