According to a post over on, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook apparently responded to a customer email regarding Italian language support in Siri. Apple’s website already lists Italian, alongside Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, as languages to be supported sometime in 2012. Tim’s email confirmed the feature is still on track for release this year. It also confirmed Tim will keep the tradition of answering customer emails. The customer asked Cook why Italy was not a focus at the launch of products and pointed to Siri and the fact that Italy is not typically included in the list of initial launch countries:


I love Italy.

We will support Italian in SIRI this year.


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Apple announced on Wednesday at the new iPad unveiling that Japanese language support would roll out to users with iOS 5.1 in the coming weeks. The customer’s full (Google translated) email to Cook is below:

Dear Tim,

I wonder why you do not like Italy, I think we are good customers for you but do not relish this. 

Watch this , we are the second country in Europe (we are behind all’UK!)  In particular:  1) Siri is not yet been released in Italian (rather strange after 6 months)  2) We are no longer in the group of “first day” of a product launch iPhone 4 (there are some nations that are not at our level)



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