Rob Schmitz, the reporter who exposed Mike Daisy’s “inaccuracies” to NPR, is now the second reporter after ABC’s Bill Weir to get a tour of the Foxconn factory. It appears that Foxconn rewarded the long-time Marketplace Asia reporter for his work in exposing lies.

From Fortune:

Schmitz’ radio reports can be heard starting Monday, April 9, on your local public radio station (or on Marketplace’s special page on the Apple Economy.)

Meanwhile, Schmitz has been writing about the tour on his reporter’s notebook blog, and Marketplace has posted a couple of teasers: A 3:30-minute radio interview and a 20-second YouTube clip of iPads with their innards exposed.

You will recall Schmitz is the China correspondent who tracked down Daisey’s translator and verified that almost none of what Daisey claimed he saw actually occurred.

A humiliated Daisey has had to cancel his shows, and he recently lost his honorary degree and commencement speech at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

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