As a way to get new car owners a bit more up to date with their new 2013 CTS, Cadillac plans to give every new owner an iPad full of directions that go over the car’s features. Cadillac’s head of customer experience Mark Harland said Cadillac plans to “be the leader in customer experience,” reported Wired, and it looks like the iPad will help them reach that status. The news was revealed at this year’s CTIA conference, which is taking place in New Orleans.

However, it is worth noting that Cadillac does not plan to actually integrate the iPad into the dashboard of the CTS, but it will rather come preloaded with manuals that teach the new owners all about the car. The manuals will especially come in handy with Cadillac’s new CUE infotainment system that is powered by an 8-inch touchscreen that has many smartphone-like apps pre-loaded on it. The inside of this ride looks very slick (image via Wired), but it may confuse some new owners after leaving the dealership:

The iPad given to customers at the Cadillac dealership will come pre-loaded with OnStar RemoteLink, MyCadillac, and a custom app made by the company that gives complete overviews of the 2013 CTS’ infotainment system.

It would have been cool if Cadillac took the Mercedes approach and actually adopted Apple’s technologies into the dashboard. Mercedes’ new A-class automobile is launching with Siri built-in, which allows drivers to make appointments, send text messages and emails, get weather information, and control their music through Siri’s voice commands. Buy a roughly $40,000 car… get an iPad!

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