It is no secret that Apple is aggressive to attack anyone involved with Android, including filing tons of patent suits against companies like HTC and Samsung. Perhaps the biggest news came last week, as Apple won injunctions on the original Galaxy Tab and —more importantly—on the Galaxy Nexus, which is Google and Samsung’s pure Android experience.

Now, both technology giants are fed up with Cupertino’s legal moves and are ready to work together. The Korea Times reported that Google and Samsung have a “game-plan” against Apple that will most likely lead to a cross-licensing deal—a.k.a. both companies are out to get money from Apple. One Samsung source told The Korea Times: “It’s too early to comment on our game plan (with Google) in the legal battle; but we will do our best to get more royalties from Apple, which has benefited from our technology. The fight is becoming more dramatic and the possibility of a truce in the form of a cross-licensing deal, seems to be becoming likely.”

Cross-licensing deals are nothing new in the technology sector. It is something many companies have agreed to do. For instance, Microsoft announced a cross-licensing deal with Samsung last September. Microsoft also has agreements with a slew of other companies, including HTC, Onkyo, Velocity Micro, ViewSonic, and Wistron. Samsung and Google are hoping for similar terms with Apple.

Samsung appealed the judge’s grant to Apple for the preliminary injunction this weekend. An injunction on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would certainly be rough for both Google and Samsung. In the mean time, Samsung is anxiously waiting to hear what the judge rules. Interestingly nothing has happened to Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which is expected to sell 10 million units in July.

Samsung and Google are obviously fed up with being attacked, and they just want to move on with creating products. Google also wants to have a similar partnership with HTC. It certainly looks like Apple will have quite the Android force against them.

Image via Reuters

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