iPhone 5 launch day is officially upon us and the first impressions are already starting to roll in while most in the U.S. and elsewhere still wait in line to get their hands on one. We already showed you some of the early reviews the other day, but The Verge took the new iPhone to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night for a some hands-on first impressions of the device’s new “barely thinner” design and “Laser Technology Engineering” capabilities (full video below). If you want a bit more of an in-depth look at the device, The Verge also has its full, lengthy review, which includes the 7-minute video review above.

You may think you’ve seen this device before, but trust me: until you’ve held the new iPhone, you really haven’t seen it at all. While the basic design of the phone mimics the look of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the actual components, materials, sizing, and weight make it seem like another device entirely… When running graphically-intensive games, there are clearly some improvements in frame rates, as well as a noticeable lack of stutter on the iPhone 5. General multitasking and app performance was superb. In particular, the new Maps 3D Flyover view pushed the phone hard, and the differences between the older and newer models was clear. Basically — there’s not much to complain about when it comes to speed on the new phone. It’s really, really fast.

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