Rolling out to your favorite supermarket or retail store this holiday season are new Apple iTunes gift cards that can be bought in any denomination between $15 and $500. We’re hearing that at least one supermarket chain and one retailer are putting these on the shelves today.

You take these cards to the cashier and choose how much to put on them. When the cashier validates the card, the amount paid is tied to the number/code. The receiver can then redeem the code including using the new FaceTime Camera scan for said amount of iTunes credit.

At the moment, there is no place to buy this type of card online, including the Apple Store.

Previously, you had to buy iTunes gift cards in $15, 25, $50, or $100 denominations at retail establishments.  Apple has long had variable pricing for hardware gift card purchases, but iTunes has been a relatively static purchasing affair— especially outside of Apple’s official stores.

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