The-Best-Platform-For-BusinessWe told you earlier this week that Microsoft published a new support document to address the “continuous loop” exchange bug on iOS devices running iOS 6.1. The company recommended a number of workarounds, such as blocking or throttling users on iOS 6.1 devices, while it worked with Apple to find a permanent fix. Apple confirmed on Thursday that it has “identified a fix and will make it available in an upcoming software update.”

Apple also provided some temporary solutions for users while they wait for the software update fix. Apple recommended users avoid the problem entirely by “not responding to an exception to a recurring event” on devices running iOS 6.1, and it suggested users disable and re-enable the Exchange calendar using the following steps:

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    1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    2. Select the Exchange account from your Accounts list.
    3. Turn the switch for Calendars to OFF.
    4. Wait ten seconds.
    5. Turn the switch for Calendars back to ON.

Microsoft said earlier this week that it is working with Apple to resolve the issue and recommended customers “open an Enterprise Support case with Apple.” You can view Microsoft’s support document and suggested workarounds here.

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