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At least some Best Buy retail stores in the United States will begin selling the Pebble smart watch this weekend, according to claims from two Best Buy employees. Both of these people say that they were briefed by management that their stores will begin selling the smart watch. Additionally, one source provided the above image which purportedly shows the Pebble smart watch in Best Buy’s internal inventory system. The inventory system classifies the product as a “digital communication appcessory,” which we feel is an apt description of the Pebble…

Additionally, the inventory system points to an in-stock date of July 7th, which is the upcoming Sunday. Best Buy typically rolls out specials and new products on Sundays, so this date makes sense. However, an in-stock date could also mean that Best Buy stores are scheduled to receive the product on that date, but sales will only begin a few days later.

The inventory system states “NO” to home delivery, so the Pebble will likely be solely available from the brick-and-mortar chain, not Best Buy’s online division. It is unclear if this will be a limited time special product or if Best Buy will continue to partner with Pebble’s creators.

The addition of the Pebble to Best Buy’s smart watch line would not be unprecedented. The retailer already sells a Sony watch and the Nike Fuel Band.

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