With the introduction of Apple’s new lower-cost iPhone 5c starting at $99 and its new iPhone 5s, Apple announced today that it would continue selling the iPhone 4S for $0 on contract. While the iPhone 5c is expected to be a big hit in emerging markets, it appears that Apple will also continue to sell the iPhone 4 in China. As of right now the company is continuing to offer the device on its Chinese website, although Apple has not made an official announcement regarding continued availability of the iPhone 4. Like in other countries, Apple is also continuing to sell the iPhone 4S in China.

The 8GB model of the iPhone 4 is currently selling for RMB 2,588 (approximately $420 US) in the country. That compares to RMB 3,288 ($540) for the iPhone 4S, RMB 4,488 ($800) for the 16GB model iPhone 5c, and RMB 5,288 ($865) for the 16GB model of the iPhone 5c.

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