While constrained supplies of the iPhone 6 Plus initially meant the 4.7-inch model was outselling its larger 5.5-inch brother by a ratio of 6-to-1, three different sources are now all reporting that the current ratio has settled down to 3-to-1.

Above Avalon notes that Mixpanel, Fiksu and Baidu/Umeng data all tells the same story – even in China, where the larger model was expected to be more popular.

Of course, as the piece notes, stock availability may still be influencing purchase decisions to some degree, but the difference in supply times for the two models is now just measured in a few days.

Among 9to5Mac readers, the gap between the two is much closer, at a little under a 2-to-1 ratio, suggesting that the larger device has greater appeal among techies. It’s also not surprising that on an early adopter platform the two iPhone 6 models outnumber all other models combined.


Mixpanel and Fiksu data can be seen below.




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