Electric car battery manufacturer A123 Systems is currently locked in a lawsuit with Apple over whether the latter  poached employees from the former while building out its Project Titan team. Today Reuters reports that Apple is considering a settlement in the case.

Apple has asked for an extension on the time required to respond to the suit, telling the court that it is currently “exploring a potential resolution.” Of course, it’s hardly unexpected that the company should try to settle out of a potentially costly legal battle.

Apple reportedly wants to launc its electric car by the year 2020, and has been seen driving minivans equipped with cameras and computer equipment around in a few major cities, though that may or may not be related to the project. The electric car project has reportedly been in the works for about a year, with Apple offering big bonuses to Tesla employees who will jump ship and join the project that some say has Apple planning to “give Tesla a run for its money”.

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