The Apple Watch is not a cheap purchase, and with only 60% of our readers planning to buy one, it’s clear that many of you are not yet convinced you see a role for it. (I have to say I was even less convinced after checking out the size on my wrist in the Apple Store app–even the 42mm model looks tiny.)

My own plan, as a smartwatch skeptic, is to check that Apple’s 14-day return policy applies to the watch before buying one to try out for a week, fully expecting to return it. But if you don’t want to lay out that kind of cash even temporarily, a startup called Lumoid is offering Apple Watch rentals starting at $45 a week … 


Mashable reports that $45 gets you the entry-level Sport model, while $55 gets you the Steel. Sorry, you won’t be able to impress the neighbors with the gold Edition model. If you then choose to buy, the company will credit around half the rental cost against the purchase.

With early demand likely to be high, it will probably be a little while before the company has stock, but you can register to be emailed once it has rentals available.

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